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Chad Michael murray ENVER GJOKAJ

Big Agent Carter Casting News!

Finally! Marvel has announced two new series regulars to join Hayley Atwell who we know is playing Agent Carter. Chad Michael Murray will play the role of SSR Agent Jack Thompson and Enver Gjokaj a Whedon favorite from Dollhouse will play Agent Daniel Sousa. Recently Chad Michael Murray … [Read More...]

Agent Carter SDCC Press 2014

Hayley Atwell, Writers & Producers Discuss Agent Carter

During San Deigo Comic Con we participated in the Agent Carter / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. round table discussions in the press room, here's what we learned from Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Tara Butters, Michele Fazekas, Jeph Loeb, Jeffrey Bell, Louis D'Esposito and Hayley … [Read More...]

Hayley Atwell TV Line SDCC

TVLine talks to Hayley Atwell

During San Diego Comic Con Hayley Atwell visited with TVLine to discuss the show. … [Read More...]


Agent Carter Highlights from San Diego Comic Con

Maybe I was just a bit biased  when I wandered around at this year's San Diego Comic Con but I was thrilled to notice that one of the most popular … [Read More...]

Agent Carter Logo

What We Know About the Agent Carter TV Series (updated)

Back in April we posted an article outlining what to expect from the Marvel's Agent Carter TV Series based on what we've learned so far from … [Read More...]

SDCC Women's Agent Carter tshirt

Agent Carter Limited Edition Shirt at SDCC

Marvel's Agent M has revealed on Twitter there will be a limited edition women's t-shirt available at the convention. The shirt appears to be … [Read More...]